KeeeX Identity Generator

What is this ?

This KeeeX service allows you for generating anonymous identities. Such an identity can be used when registering for a compatible web site or service, then login in or interacting with it. It involves a public and a private key. The private key will always remain on your side. The public key is meant to be transmistted and inserted in data and will notably be used for keeexing documents and electronic signatures.

By using such an identity, you will enable a web site to trust that recurrent interactions and consents indeed emanate from you alone, although nobody on their side can know more than what you explicitly share, and nobody either can fake your activity.

The mechanism is simple :

Identities can be published and revoked on the Bitcoin blockchain. You might want to revoke an identity if you expose its file, or because you discovered that a phishing attemp stole your credentials. The web sites using keeex identities shall verify the validity of identities before using them.